Religious Discrimination in Central Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide to Protect Yourself

The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) prohibits religious discrimination in employment, and applies to employers with one or more employees. This law safeguards employees and job applicants from religious discrimination in the private sector or in federal, state and local governments. However, there are some exceptions. Religious organizations and associations are exempt from non-discrimination provisions, unless they receive full or partial support from money raised through taxes or public loans.

Employers are also allowed to implement a dress code, provided that it is reasonable and consistently applied. The legislation explicitly states that it does not prevent employers from implementing a dress code. The state of Colorado has several valid reasons to prohibit in Amendment 2 any law or policy that protects homosexuals from acts of discrimination. This change brings Colorado into line with federal employment discrimination laws, allowing plaintiffs to file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission within a period of up to 300 days.

With this new ban on other types of discrimination, state law will provide Colorado citizens with a higher level of protection than is currently available under federal law. Murray Law provides legal advice and representation to those who face religious discrimination in employment. We represent clients who file religious discrimination lawsuits in federal and state lawsuits, file discrimination charges before federal, state and local government agencies, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Federal and Colorado laws forbid employers from discriminating against individuals in retaliation for engaging in protected activity related to religious discrimination.

Any employee who works in the state of Colorado is covered by the protections of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA).

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